Architects:  Joan Carles Cardenal, Joan Francesc García.
Year: 2005-2007

The top floors of the building host both apartments and offices. The ceilings are made of metal beams, ceramic vault and main metal beams.

The consolidation consists of strengthening the beams and main beams with metal profiles as well as covering the most requested loading work buttresses with high resistance mortar cement.

The project contains the proposal to convert the ground floor into a theatre. In order to obtain enough space for the stage, one of the existing pillars must be removed.

When the pillar is removed, two bays of 4 m. are converted into one of 8 m. Two isostatic riveted metal beams must be transformed into one continued taut beam, with no one distortion produced in the superior loading wall, which sustains eight plants. The success of this shore up is definetelly dued thanks to the exhaustive control of the construction process and distortions by means of high accuracy comparative tools. Total distortion of the main beam once the pillar has been removed is 1 mm.

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